Prepared by the Ministry of Industry and Technology and the Turkish Technology Team Foundation, supported by many institutions and organizations, and also defined as “the world’s groundbreaking festival”, TEKNOFEST will bring technology enthusiasts together in Izmir on the 100th anniversary of the Republic.

Preparations for the festival, which will be held at Çiğli 2nd Main Jet Base on March 16-19, are in full swing.

Infrastructure and asphalting are carried out in the areas where the aircraft will be exhibited, where competitions will be held, and on the runways. It is planned to bring aircraft to the festival area from the beginning of March.

”An area of ​​more than 200 thousand square meters is planned as an activity area”

Examining the preparatory work, İzmir Governor Yavuz Selim Köşger stated that TEKNOFEST, which was previously planned as 2-5 March, was updated as 16-19 March in order to support the preparation process of the teams, and that the work at Çiğli 2nd Main Jet Base also gained momentum.

Stating that an intensive work is being carried out in the area where TEKNOFEST will be held, Köşger stated that an area of ​​more than 200 thousand square meters is planned as an activity area.

Pointing out that the flights will continue at the Jet Base and the infrastructure of the base will also be used during the organization process, Köşger said, “UAVs and SİHAs, especially Kızılelma, will come to TEKNOFEST.

Turkey’s first flying car, Cezeri, will also be on display. There will be air shows. Technology competitions will be held in many fields from robotic coding to agricultural technology.

‘We expect more than one million visitors’

Köşger noted that TEKNOFEST has become an important brand of Turkey and is visited by millions of people in the cities and countries where it is held.

Stating that İzmir will host a very important event, Köşger said, “We expect more than one million visitors. According to him, we are making our preliminary preparations and transportation master plans. 10 thousand 500 teams from İzmir also applied to this festival. Even if they do not take part in the teams, they come to our youth. I recommend them to see this place, to observe the level of the country, the work done, and to examine the aircraft and the technological tools developed.”

Köşger stated that the successful organization of TEKNOFEST in the city works in cooperation with public institutions, universities, municipalities, non-governmental organizations and the private sector under the coordination of the governorship, and that the people of İzmir have already shown great interest in the festival.

After Izmir, TEKNOFEST will be held in Istanbul on April 27-May 1 and in Ankara on August 30-September 3.

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