The National Intelligence Organization (MIT) caught the person who tried to defraud business people and senior public officials by imitating the voice of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan with artificial intelligence, which brought up the issue of cyber security again. Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Abdülkadir Uraloğlu evaluated the developments in this field.

Stating that USOM, which operates within the scope of the Information Technologies and Communications Authority (BTK), aims to improve the understanding of cyber security throughout the country, Minister Uraloğlu said that USOM’s alarm, warning and announcement to prevent cyber threats, and on-site response teams in critical situations, take control of the incident. He said that he continues activities to ensure national coordination in response to cyber incidents.

Minister Uraloğlu noted that as of August 18, 2 thousand 154 SOMEs working under the coordination of USOM and approximately 7 thousand cyber security experts working there are working on the protection of the country’s cyberspace.

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Fraud detected with 44,835 artificial intelligence methods

Uraloğlu stated that with these studies, critical institutions and organizations in the country are warned against threats and vulnerabilities and efforts are made to take necessary measures by the relevant authorities.

“In this way, attacks that can be made to internet users and systems throughout the country have been prevented. Risks of vulnerabilities can be proactively detected with regular scans for each of the 16.7 million IP addresses in total. At this point, more than 55 thousand official cyber security vulnerabilities have been published by the USOM. “A total of 108 million accesses to 252 thousand 883 malicious internet addresses were blocked. 4 thousand 146 cyber security notifications were announced. It was determined that 44 thousand 835 domain names were used as phishing to defraud citizens with artificial intelligence technology.”

Türkiye rises in the Global Cyber ​​Security Index

Pointing out that within the scope of the activities carried out by USOM, 6 zero-day vulnerabilities were detected in 2020, 8 in 2021, 24 in 2022 and 58 in 2023, he shared the following information:

“The CNA (CVE Numbering Authorities) acceptance process has been successfully completed. USOM now assigns CVE numbers for the security vulnerabilities of third-party software, hardware or products that are produced and frequently used in our country, and provides process coordination in vulnerability management. Within the scope of the activities carried out, 21 in 2021, 29 CVE IDs were assigned in 2022, and 84 CVE IDs were assigned in 2023.”

Emphasizing that as a result of cyber security studies, the country’s ranking has increased according to the “Global Cyber ​​Security Index” data used by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) to measure the maturity of countries in cyber security, Uraloğlu said, in this context, from 11th to 6th in Europe in 2020, He explained that the success of rising from the 20th place to the 11th place in the world was shown.

Studies carried out

Within the framework of the protocol signed between the Ministry of Youth and Sports and BTK, it was aimed to meet the young people under the umbrella of the Ministry with the BTK Academy. In this context, cyber security camps were held this year in cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, BTK Academy and USOM.

Cyber ​​security awareness trainings were held at Yenimahalle Visually Impaired Rehabilitation Center, Demetevler Fatma Üçer Nursing Home Elderly Care and Rehabilitation Center and Etimesgut Municipality Barrier-Free Life Center within the scope of efforts to raise awareness in the field of cyber security.

Guidance documents named individual and corporate cyber security measures were created by USOM and published on USOM’s website.

Participated in NATO CMX-2023 Crisis Management Exercise and Locked Shield Exercise organized by NATO at the Secretariat General of the National Security Council.

In cooperation with the Vocational Qualifications Authority (MYK), the National Competency of Cyber ​​Security Staff was published.

Joint international cyber exercises with the Council of Europe were carried out by the USOM. The exercises brought together a large number of experts from Eastern and Southeastern European countries under the guidance of an international team of experts and USOM.

Finally, as part of the CyberEast project, “CyberEast: Regional Cybercrime Co-operation Exercise” was held in Romania on April 19-21 under the guidance of USOM.

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