A camera has been developed that shows how animals see colors with 92 percent accuracy, according to a study published in the journal PLOS Biology.

The paper, written by scientists working on the camera system, says: “The camera and accompanying software package allow environmental scientists to study how animals use color in dynamic environments, how the natural light source alters color perception, and more.” Questions, which have so far remained unanswered due to a lack of suitable tools.

[Arı- İnsan]

As part of the research, a group of scientists used a special camera and software to create videos in colors such as blue, green, red and ultraviolet.

The videos were then changed according to what was known about the animals’ eyes and the data obtained was converted into a new video.

Researchers pointed out that every animal perceives colors differently.

Scientists stated that there is a special part in the camera system called a “beam splitter” and said that thanks to this part, ultraviolet light is separated from normal light and distributed between two different cameras.

The new camera system, created by combining some parts made with regular cameras and 3D printers, is not yet commercially available, but the software used has been made open source so that researchers can benefit from it.

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