Solves problems, writes articles. It gives instant answers. Chat GPT, an artificial intelligence supported chat application, reveals the point of technology.

CHAT GPT is used worldwide and can respond in many languages. One of them is Turkish.

Of course, there are those who know this artificial intelligence application that chats in real time. However, many people are unfamiliar with this practice. Many users say that this is the first time they have heard the name of this application.

This new technology is of greatest interest to students. Students frequently use Chat GPT both in their daily life and in their education life.

Developers also refer to the application while writing code.

CHAT GPT is still in the testing phase. But it has already been used in many fields. Experts believe that this technology will be used in many sectors in the future.

IT expert Dr. About Süleyman Tozkoparan CHAT GPT
“Users asked about mathematical equations. They wrote a program. They asked for a summary of a specific book. It would not be wrong to predict that a technology that has been used so much while still in beta will be able to take a much more place in people’s lives in the future,” he said.

Chat GPT is accessed via the website. The system is free to use after being a member.

There is no app yet for mobile devices.

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