Passionate Team
Award-Winning SEO

SeoBrooz is an independent SEO company serving in Turkey for 15 years. SeBrooz is an SEO Agency serving its customers with its competent team.

What Are We Doing?

  • With the high quality and useful SEO studies we offer to our customers, we ensure that your sites rise in target words.
  • By checking your on-site SEO settings, we speed up your site and support and optimize your content in your target words.
  • We work with completely natural, organic, and Google-friendly resources, not backlinks that will harm your site.
  • By making competitor analysis to the finest detail, we identify the deficiencies of your site and provide organic studies to cover these deficiencies in the most natural way.

Our Values

1. We spare time for our customers and hold productive meetings.

2. We serve with stable and corporate references, not with marketing-oriented, empty slogans.

3. We follow Google updates and make special analyzes and reports on your site.

4. In our projects, which we progress step by step, we are fixing success with permanent results.