Turkey’s strategic defense and security needs are met through the SSB, a specialist procurement agency. Various responsibilities are given to the main and subcontractors in the sector in order to meet the needs of the security units with maximum locality.

While playing an important role in these efforts, ASELSAN produces solutions not only in the field of defense technologies, but also in civilian fields with its knowledge and experience from the past. ASELSAN is among the most important “main contractors” of the Turkish defense industry due to its capabilities.

The company provides security solutions in areas such as “communication and information technologies”, “defense system technologies”, “microelectronics, guidance and electro-optics”, “radar and electronic warfare systems”, “transportation, security, energy, automation and health systems”. contributes to their strength.

ASELSAN, which has been one of the most reliable manufacturers of the defense industry for many years with the technologies it has developed, has signed many contracts with SSB for many years.

There are various order orders amounting to 26 billion 547 million Turkish liras, which were created between ASELSAN and SSB in 2022 and before, with a delivery date of 2023. “Air and missile defense systems” constitute the largest item of the total deliveries to be made this year, with 3 billion 726 million liras.

Taking part in the delivery of Hisar-A+ and HİSAR-O+ systems within the scope of Hisar projects, ASELSAN contributes to the national long-range air defense solution, the Trench Project.

Among ASELSAN’s solutions in the field of “air and missile defense systems” are 35 millimeter air defense cannon systems, fire management device and modernized towed cannon system, Near Range Air Defense System Gökdeniz, Göker 35 millimeter Multi-Purpose Weapon System, Korhan New Generation Light Armored There are a number of products such as the Weapon System.

This is followed by “land and weapon systems” with 2 billion 203 million liras, “land defense systems” with 1 billion 134 million liras and “air defense systems” with 895 million liras.

Due to the high sales figures predicted in 2023, the ratio of the amounts within an accounting period between ASELSAN and SSB to the revenue generated in sales transactions according to the last annual financial statements disclosed to the public is expected to reach more than 10 percent.

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