The body of Turkey’s first astronaut Alper Gezeravcı began to adapt to space conditions. When he returns to Earth at the end of his 14-day mission, Gezeravcı’s body awaits a new adaptation process.

Hakan Gündüz and Abdurrahman Engin Demir from the Health Sciences University (SBÜ) will travel to America at the end of January or beginning of February. After Gezeravcı’s return to the world, his health will be entrusted to Turkish doctors.

Walking and balance exercises are done

Dr. explained that the first few hours after removal from the capsule were very critical. Faculty member Abdurrahman Engin Demir said: “When he stands up, he is expected to experience dizziness, a feeling of fainting, difficulty walking and difficulty maintaining his balance system.”

Demir explained that Gezeravcı’s vital signs will be checked regularly from the first moment: “He will undergo vestibular rehabilitation, that is, adjustment of the balance system, programs and exercises. We will give him walking exercises frequently,” he said.

Is kept under control for 3 days

Gezeravcı is expected to be under the supervision of these two doctors, who are employees of the Aerospace Physiology Training Center of the University of Health Sciences, for three days. The center in Ankara is the place where Gezeravcı and other candidates undergo medical examinations before traveling.

Dr. stated that during the selection phase, 16 people were sent to them for health examinations. Faculty member Hakan Gündüz stated that the candidates underwent extensive space medical examinations and completed night vision training, vertigo training and normobaric hypoxia training.

The candidates’ performances were evaluated here. Alper Gezeravcı received the highest score.

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