Kayseri Science Center, one of the 6 science centers supported by TÜBİTAK, offers 150 exhibitions on 8 scientific topics in 6 workshops. Training courses on various topics are offered to stimulate visitors’ enthusiasm for science and raise awareness of the technology sector.

Alper Gezeravcı’s space trip as part of Turkey’s first manned space mission increased interest in the center. Children come to the science center with their families early in the morning and take part in activities.

Kayseri Science Center Head Şenay Kırkar stated that space awareness was created thanks to Gezeravcı, Turkey’s first astronaut.

“Alper Gezeravcı is a person they take as a role model”

Emphasizing that they are satisfied with the increase in the number of visitors to the Science Center, Kırkar said:

“In the science center, which was founded 8 years ago, at the request of our visitors, we have increased the number of events on family involvement, evening and weekend space missions. In January we welcomed 4,000 students. 1,000 of them came to our center during the space activities on January 18-19. In two days, 1000 people came to our science center. The demand for the science center is high. Thanks to Alper Gezeravcı’s space mission, our activities and the number of visitors have increased.

Alper Gezeravcı is a person they look up to. When we ask children, they say “I’m going to be an astronaut” instead of “I’m going to be a doctor.” Space awareness has increased. In our planetarium you can watch short videos about the space mission. We introduce our astronaut and the 13 individual experiments he carried out. Our astronomer friends offer students education in the form of questions and answers in the planetarium. The interest increased even more. Our goal is to contribute to science and technology.”

Stating that children want to come to science centers more after Alper Gezeravcı’s visit, mathematics teacher Ayşegül Dirgen said, “They want to come early in the morning to spend more time here. I hope there will be more places like this,” said.

Emphasizing that she attended the workshops at the science center, 9-year-old Zeynep Gökçe Camuzcu said, “There is a lot about science and technology here. I am very happy when I come here with my family. I’m learning this.” Definition of everything here. When Alper Gezeravcı flew into space, my curiosity about science grew. I always come to the science center.” “I want to. I’m learning a lot here. It has also made a positive contribution to my teaching,” he said.

10-year-old Recep Sencer Cem, who came to the center, explained that Alper Gezeravcı’s space travel and issues related to astronauts and rockets were increasingly attracting more attention.

Cem expressed his curiosity about the planets and said, “When Alper Gezeravcı went into space, I was very curious about the planets. I began researching astronaut clothing. I’m interested in these. “I always tell my family that I want to come here,” he said.

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