In the statement made by ASELSAN, “With the integration of the AKKOR Active Protection System into our Altay Tank, Turkey is proud of being one of the two countries in the world that have put these systems into service on their tanks.” statements were included.

ASELSAN brought the New Altay Tank, which was delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces for tests, to the next level in terms of firepower, mobility and survivability. The developed systems provide the Altay Tank with high firepower, high survivability and self-protection capabilities.

Tanks to be produced within the scope of ASELSAN’s Altay Mass Production Project; Fire Control System, Electric Gun and Turret Recovery System, Command Control Communication and Information System, Driver Vision System, Laser Warning System, Remote Controlled Weapon System, Battlefield Recognition and Identification System, Close Range Surveillance System, AKKOR Active Protection System and embedded training With its simulator, it provides tools for providing user/maintenance trainings for these products.

Thanks to the development of mechanical, electronic, optical and software of all products by ASELSAN, communication between all units is carried out in the most efficient way. For example, information about a threat detected by the Tank Laser Warning System can be simultaneously transmitted to the Fire Control System, Remote Controlled Weapon System, Command Control System, and Active Protection System. In this way, the user can direct his main weapon or remote-controlled weapon in the direction of the threat and take precautions.

The user can also transmit this information to other support elements via the Command and Control System. Thanks to the software development of ASELSAN, additional requests from the user can be easily applied to the subsystems.

The systems developed by ASELSAN also include “embedded training capability”. Embedded training refers to the training taken on the real system using system units. In this way, the real system user can develop their competencies by operating different scenarios when the tank is not used operationally. With its embedded training capability, the personnel working in Altay will be trained on the platform they use.

Altay Tank is equipped with 'AKKOR Active Protection System'

AKKOR will stop threats

One of the most distinctive features of the Altay Tank is the AKKOR Active Protection System, which significantly increases its survivability. AKKOR provides this capability with low weight cost. In this way, the mobility of the tank is also maximized. In addition to maximizing survivability, significant gains are also achieved in the situational awareness capability of tanks.

The AKKOR System, which neutralizes the threat in less than one second after detection, consists of 4 components. These include the main components such as the radar, which performs the task of detecting and tracking anti-tank rocket or missile approaching the tank, the central management computer that manages the entire system, the ammunition shooter that directs the countermeasure ammunition to the destruction point at very high speed, and the physical destruction ammunition with high-sensitivity radar on it.

More than a thousand shots were fired in the development work of the AKKOR System. As a result, the system has been brought to a high performance level. While dozens of companies and countries have started to develop the Active Protection System in the last 20 years, only two countries apart from Turkey have developed a system that can be included in the inventory.

ASELSAN products in the new Altay Tank are grouped under the headings of firepower, mobility and survivability, which are called “Iron Triangle” in tanking. VOLKAN-II Fire Control System for firepower, SARP Remote Controlled Weapon System, Sniper Second Degree Sight Sub-Unit, Tank Crew Training System, Battlefield Recognition and Recognition System; Tank Driver Vision System, Turret Slip Ring are used for mobility. ASELSAN provides the survivability of the New Altay Tank with the AKKOR Active Protection System, Tank Command Control Communication Information System, Tank Laser Warning System, SPIDER Close Range Surveillance System, Radio System and Internal Communication System.

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