The second stop of the festival, which is planned to be held in the three largest cities of Turkey in the 100th anniversary of the Republic, will be the capital Ankara. The festival will be held on 30 August-3 September in Ankara and 27 September-1 October in İzmir.

Bringing millions together with the vision of a “National Technology Move” for a fully independent Turkey, TEKNOFEST will once again carry the enthusiasm and excitement to the skies in Ankara and Izmir.

In both cities, TEKNOFEST offers visitors a world full of science, technology and space with technology competitions, venture program, air shows, award ceremonies, your stage event, science shows, educational workshops, exhibitions, stage plays, special flight experiences for children and beautiful events. will survive.

The festival will be held at Etimesgut Airport in Ankara and at Çiğli Airport in İzmir.

Getting ready to set new records

TEKNOFEST, which has broken its own record in terms of participants every year since it started to be organized in 2018, is getting ready to break new participant records in Ankara and Izmir with the slogan “you will come”.

130 participants and 19 sponsor companies took part in TEKNOFEST 2023 Istanbul, which was held with 117 institutions, including ministries, presidencies, public and private sector organizations, academic institutions and media companies, which play a critical role in the country’s national technology ecosystem for a technology-developing Turkey.

Technology competitions organized within the scope of the festival to support the projects of thousands of young people working in the fields of national technology production and development were held in 41 main competitions and 102 different categories.

More than 333 thousand teams and more than 1 million competitors applied to TEKNOFEST 2023 Technology Competitions this year. More than 13 million TL of awards and more than 30 million TL of material support were given to young people. The young people who ranked in the competitions received their awards on the TEKNOFEST stage.

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