Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook shared new updates for Mac in his speech at the event held in California. Cook expressed their satisfaction in explaining how they took the iPhone further with Apple Watch.

According to the information given at the event, Apple Watch Series 9 will come with the S9 chip. The new series will allow maintaining 18 hours of battery life all day and will work faster when something is requested from Siri.

New Apple Watch users will be able to share their information with each other with the NameDrop feature and the smart watch will be able to detect the location of the iPhone. Users will be able to answer incoming calls and postpone their alarms by double-clicking their thumbs and index fingers without having to touch the watch.

The Series 9 model will have 5 color options. Apple Watch straps, which have been redesigned to be sustainable, will be made of 82 percent recyclable yarn.

Apple Watch Ultra 2, developed especially for athletes, will also be introduced at the event, and the new product will stand out with its screen brightness. “Apple Watch Series 9” will be available at prices starting from $399, and “Apple Watch Ultra 2” will be available at prices starting from $799.

iPhone 15

The frames of the iPhone 15 will be thinner than the previous model and its brightness will be twice that of the iPhone 14. It will be available in pastel tones of pink, yellow and green, as well as black and white. iPhone 15 will use a 48 megapixel camera.

The larger “iPhone 15 Plus” model will also offer longer battery life.

The new iPhone model introduced by Apple, which stated last year that it would “have to comply” with the European Union decision requiring personal devices such as smartphones to use USC-C charging by default, will have a USB-C charging port.

iPhone 15 will be sold at prices starting from $799, and iPhone 15 Plus will be sold at prices starting from $899.

iPhone 15 Pro

The “Action Button” button on the side of the iPhone 15 Pro will allow you to perform many operations. The phone will become lighter thanks to its new titanium design.

iPhone 15 Pro, which comes with the A17 Pro chip, will allow many operations to be performed faster, perform operations such as automatic correction, deleting things from the image, and the new chip will offer high-performance mobile gaming performance.

iPhone 15 Pro will be able to zoom three times better. iPhone 15 Pro will be sold at prices starting from $ 999, and iPhone 15 Pro Max will be sold at prices starting from $ 1199.

The new products introduced by Apple will be available starting from September 22.

“Net zero” climate impact target by 2030

The company announced that it aims to have a “net zero” climate impact on all Apple devices by 2030, in an effort to reduce their impact on the planet.

Apple, which aims to maximize recycled and renewable materials in its products, has also paid attention to using recycled content in its newly introduced products.

Apple introduced the “Vision Pro” title, its first new major product series since 2014, in June.

The company’s market value lost $200 billion in two days last week, following allegations that China banned the use of iPhones in public institutions.

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