TEKNOFEST, the world’s largest aviation, space and technology festival, started at Istanbul Atatürk Airport.

ASELSAN, one of the leading companies of the defense industry, met with the visitors in the 200 square meter Techno Adventure Platform and 200 square meter exhibition area at the festival, which has become a tradition.

At the festival, five different space-themed experience areas specially prepared for children were created in the area reserved for the Techno Adventure Platform, where entertaining technological activities take place.

The children, who had a real space experience here, also visited the ASELSAN space complex.

The children, who were excited to design their clothes with astronaut helmets, designed a space station and got a solar-powered space station kit after their space experience.

ASELSAN took children to space travel

In the Techno Adventure, which teaches science and technology while entertaining, the little ones, who got ready for the space mission gradually, then went to the task room. Here, the children experienced the radios developed by ASELSAN with domestic resources and the avionic systems, especially the helicopter cockpit. The children who solved the codes given to them in the mission room were entitled to a space travel ticket.

In the 9D space simulator, the children went on an exciting and fun space journey with Asel, Eda and Mete, the characters of Techno Adventure, in a space simulator developed only for ASELSAN.

Görgün: We are taking firm steps towards the future with our curious young people.

ASELSAN Chairman of the Board and General Manager Prof. Dr. Haluk Görgün said the following about TEKNOFEST 2023:

“We are proud of showing up with our domestic and national systems in TEKNOFEST 2023, which ASELSAN has supported as a stakeholder since the first day. The great interest shown to TEKNOFEST 2023 on the first day by our children, who are the guarantee of our future, and our young people, who are our hopes, increases our excitement even more. As the ASELSAN family, we are proud of exhibiting our domestic and national systems.

ASELSAN took children to space travel

I believe that we, as ASELSAN, have opened the doors of space by giving them a good experience. We think that we are guiding the scientists of the future with the space concept we created in the field of Techno Adventure. The interest of our children in Techno Adventure, which we believe will take an active role in the space journey initiated by Turkey in the future, gave us strength to move towards bigger goals. We invite our children and all young people who are open to discovering science to share the excitement of TEKNOFEST. We are taking firm steps towards the future with our young people who are interested in science, technology and the defense industry.”

Techno Adventure makes kids love science

Tekno Adventure was initiated by ASELSAN as an innovative social responsibility project that aims to make children aged 6-12 in Turkey productive in technology. ASELSAN Techno Adventure aims to contribute to the development and learning process of children in a fun way in order to lay the foundations of the future domestic and national technology. Within the scope of the project, there are videos, informative blog posts, animations and games, mini-tests, informative news articles and competitions on the Tekno Adventure website.

Children who are introduced to science at an early age with Tekno Adventure support the sustainability of future employment in accordance with our country’s goal of owning independent high technologies. Since its establishment in 2019, Tekno Adventure has reached children all over Turkey and opened the doors of the world of science and technology to them.

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