Etimesgut Airport will host TEKNOFEST Ankara, which will be held on August 30-September 3, under the leadership of the Turkish Technology Team Foundation (T3) and the Ministry of Industry and Technology.

ASELSAN, one of Turkey’s leading defense and technology companies, will also have a strong participation in the festival. The company, which will organize events that will appeal to technology enthusiasts of all ages at its stand in the festival area, will also introduce a series of high-tech products it has recently developed.

In this context, the festival included GÜRZ Air Defense System, Murad Combat Aircraft Nose Radar, Ertuğrul Bomb Disposal Robot, Fighter Helmet Integrated Control Unit, AselFlir-500 Electro-Optical Sensor System, Karat Infrared Search and Tracking System, Atom Smart Ammunition and Ertunga Unmanned Ground Vehicle. ASELSAN solutions will be introduced to visitors.

More than 20 ASELSAN products at TEKNOFEST

ASELSAN General Manager Ahmet Akyol said that TEKNOFEST Ankara will open its doors to citizens, youth and children on the 30th of August Victory Day, in the 100th anniversary of the Republic.

Emphasizing that as ASELSAN they are very happy to be a stakeholder in such a beautiful event, Akyol said:

“ASELSAN is a company that was established in Ankara and spread to different provinces of Turkey and leads the technology and the Turkish defense industry. Our greatest asset is our human resources. We have implemented and continue to implement successful projects that our nation has followed with its high-tech, highly qualified people. .

We find the TEKNOFEST activity, which enables the curiosity of technology to be initiated at an early age and arouses interest in it at an early age, very valuable and beneficial for ASELSAN, for the defense industry, and for the future of the Republic of Turkey.

In this context, we make a significant contribution to TEKNOFEST events as a stakeholder. Being in Ankara is also a first. The fact that it coincides with the August 30 Victory Day and is being held on the 100th anniversary of the Republic is a separate picture of pride.”

Akyol stated that with the increase of young people’s interest in technology at an early age, their readiness for engineering activities will be higher in the coming years, and continued as follows:

“With our high-quality human resources, we realize projects that are a source of pride for the Republic of Turkey. In this context, we support these activities at many points. We will also take part in this TEKNOFEST in Ankara with more than 20 new products. Especially aviation and space activities are at the forefront of the festival. in the scope of.

ASELSAN develops the payloads of products such as our recently developed National Combat Aircraft, our unmanned aerial vehicles KIZILELMA, ANKA and similar aircraft. We will be showing all these new, state-of-the-art products to our citizens, youth and children as part of the fair. Our citizens will have the opportunity to see everything from radars to optical systems, from communication devices to other payloads.

Recently, we have had serious activities in the field of air defense. We have added some of our systems, which are the pride of Turkey, to our inventory, and we are about to complete some of them. Our citizens and fellow citizens from Ankara will have the opportunity to see them there,” he said.

Techno Adventure with ASELSAN

Ahmet Akyol said that they created a Techno Adventure platform in order to enable young people to follow technology a little more closely at an early age, to arouse curiosity, and to support entrepreneurial spirit and innovation.

Expressing that they will present an application of this platform, which can be accessed from ASELSAN’s website, to children and young people at TEKNOFEST, Akyol stated that some experiences related to space can be experienced in the Techno Adventure section.

“We invite our families and all our citizens living in Ankara, especially with their children, to TEKNOFEST.” Akyol said:

“There, they will have the opportunity to see the projects that are a source of pride developed by Turkey, and they will also have the opportunity to experience some activities for young people and children. In this period, when we will carry our country to the future with wider masses in the defense industry and technology in terms of Turkey’s future, TEKNOFEST will be a great changer and transformative in society. “It has an impact. It is one of the most effective projects of the Republic of Turkey, which has been made in recent years, which is the source of pride of the Republic of Turkey. As ASELSAN, we will continue to support this activity at an increasing rate.”

TEKNOFEST youth became engineers at ASELSAN

Ahmet Akyol explained that they carried out many activities related to increasing the interest in technology and supporting it until his engineering career at ASELSAN in the following years.

“Our friends who made projects in the first years of TEKNOFEST are now engineers at ASELSAN.” Akyol talked about this development as follows:

“Some of our friends, who have shown that spirit, entrepreneurship, innovation and experience by making projects and competing at an early age, are now taking part in these high-tech, source of pride projects in Turkey. We established ASELSAN Vocational Technical High School in Ankara in order to support qualified workforce and employment in high school age. For the last 3-4 years, we have been supporting Turkey’s highest level of students, better than 1 percent, with education there.

We support that high school with all of ASELSAN’s units, with all its means. This will return to us in the coming years as well-trained engineers, technicians with high technical knowledge, high level of knowledge and human value. In addition, we enroll our most valuable and successful student group into the ASELSAN A Talent Program in their third year, in terms of gaining engineering, R&D and development experience before the end of school.

Every year, more than 200 of our students start working with us while they continue their school life. Together with their older brothers, mentors, older sisters and engineers at ASELSAN, they have the opportunity to experience and put into practice the knowledge they have learned in theory. We opened our A Talent program for applications this year as well. Our students can apply now. We have been successfully implementing this program for many years.”

“Our priority to invest in people”

Akyol stated that they accept more than 1000 students at high school and university level every year at ASELSAN, and said that they provide their trainees with the opportunity to participate in TEKNOFEST and take part in the festival as stakeholders.

Emphasizing that there are some programs for newly graduated engineers within the company, Akyol said:

“As ASELSAN and the defense industry, we have considered investing in people as the top priority. In this context, we consider investing in people as the top priority at all stages, end-to-end, at all stages, with an understanding that we started with different programs from primary school and continued when they became engineers at ASELSAN.

The staff that will carry Turkey to the future is this well-trained human resource. We will continue to invest in this at an increasing rate. I invite all our people, citizens, young people and families in Ankara, together with their children, to TEKNOFEST, Turkey’s source of pride. As ASELSAN, we will take our place as an important stakeholder.

Let’s come and see this pride, the projects and products that are the source of Turkey’s pride together, have fun and let our young people gain this understanding, mission and vision together at an early age. ASELSAN will continue to serve the Turkish nation with this understanding.”

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