At TEKNOFEST held at Ankara Etimesgut Airport under the management of T3 Foundation and the Ministry of Industry and Technology, every precaution is taken, from security to health, in order for the participants to experience the festival enthusiasm in a safe environment.

In this sense, it opens its advanced technology know-how in the defense industry to civilian areas as well. ASELSAN supports TEKNOFEST with the security and health solutions it produces, as well as the latest technology products it has developed and exhibited at the festival.

The entire TEKNOFEST area is monitored by ASELSAN’s uniquely engineered national security camera systems.

The cameras are evaluated at the security center with the security software system developed by ASELSAN. Images taken with a total of 40 cameras are transferred to the TEKNOFEST Coordination Office. Thus, the security of the area is monitored moment by moment from the monitoring center with cameras.

x-ray machine at work in ARIN

ARIN, the x-ray device produced by ASELSAN, was also located at the protocol entrance gate of the festival.

X-ray baggage control devices used for security are critical in ensuring the security of many facilities such as airports, ports, border gates, customs, government buildings.

ARIN X-Ray Baggage Inspection Devices can distinguish organic, inorganic, metal substances and display in 6 colors according to the effective atomic number. The devices have capabilities such as automatic explosive detection, high-density zone imaging, high-density alarm, density zoom capability (color and black and white), organic scraping, automatic geometric and radiometric correction function, and an expandable fictional threat library by monitoring tunnel entrances and exits with a camera.

As in Ankara, ASELSAN will provide security support in the same way at TEKNOFEST, which will be held at İzmir Çiğli Airport on September 27-October 1.

Health solutions in the festival area

In addition to security in the festival area, ASELSAN also offers health solutions to citizens.

In this context, ASELSAN’s Automatic External Defibrillator (OED) device, which enables the patient to be brought back to life with electroshock in sudden cardiac arrests, was also positioned at various points in the festival area.

ASELSAN Heartline OED eliminates fatal heart rhythm irregularities that lead to sudden cardiac arrest with loss of respiration and consciousness in the patient, where the heart cannot perform its blood pumping function, no pulse can be received from the great arteries.

The AED device has been specially developed for use by first aid teams until the help of specialist paramedics arrives at the scene. When used correctly, the device increases the chance of survival by 50 percent.

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