Gökmen Space Aviation Training Center (GUHEM) was established in 2020 in an area of ​​13,000 square meters in Osmangazi District by Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the support of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK).

The aim of the center is to direct the young and dynamic population to strategic areas where space and aviation technologies are located, to create the necessary infrastructure in Turkey and to train qualified personnel in space and aviation technologies, which will become an important competitive area in Turkey have become the world.

GUHEM, which continues its activities in collaboration with the Turkish Space Agency (TUA) in line with the 10 Strategic Goals of Turkey’s National Space Program, aims to provide an experiential perspective with 154 children and young people interested in astronomy through interactive mechanisms.

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GUHEM General Director Halit Mirahmetoğlu told the AA correspondent that Gezeravcı’s spaceflight was a milestone and that after Turkey’s first manned space mission, the number of visitors from home and abroad to the center increased.

Stating that the international events will continue this year, Mirahmetoğlu emphasized that space and aviation awareness is progressing very quickly in Turkey.

Stating that the demand for the center is high, Mirahmetoğlu said, “About three million people have watched our live broadcasts on social media and we are seeing the benefits of it. Recently we had visitors from Zonguldak, Adana, Niğde and many other provinces.” “We just came to see this place and we took care of them. Especially from Istanbul.” “We have a lot of visitors from outside Bursa. During the semester break, our number of visitors increased by more than 50 percent compared to previous years,” he said.

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Alper Gezeravcı’s photo was hung on the Legends Wall

Halit Mirahmetoğlu stated that since he is now an astronaut of Turkey, this year he will organize events of different intensity to raise awareness among children and young people.

Noting that the team’s motivation has increased, Mirahmetoğlu gave the following information:

“This summer we are launching an academy we are calling Space Explorer as a 5-day program. Groups from Turkey and abroad will participate in this academy Let’s call it mini astronaut training. “We will be launching academy programs to provide more information to our children aged 7 to 17. We are very happy about it.”

Mirahmetoğlu stated that there is a “Wall of Legends” at the entrance of GUHEM, which displays photos of astronauts who have visited the center.

Stating that these astronauts signed the photos when they came to the event they organized last year, Mirahmetoğlu said, “Of course, Alper Gezeravcı was also here, but he had not flown into space yet. We had put his photo aside. After the launch,” we felt the need to place this photo in his place with our Justice Minister Yılmaz Tunç. “Alper Gezeravcı is now on the Wall of Legends and in the middle of it,” he said.

[Fotoğraf: AA]

Ozan Şat, one of the visitors, explained that his eldest son, who had previously attended the school trip, praised GUHEM very much and that they came as a family when he wanted to see the other child.

Pointing out that children and young people’s interest in space has increased thanks to Gezeravcı’s mission, Şat said: “We came, it is a fun place. It makes a lot of fun. I recommend everyone who has the opportunity to come and see it. “In other words, adults will enjoy it just as much as the little ones,” said.

10-year-old Eda Paydak, who visited GUHEM with her mother and friend, noted that she really enjoyed her stay at the center and said: “I particularly liked the section on the planets. “Everything is a lot of fun here.” gave his assessment.

Sevcan Özbek, who visited the center with her family, explained that they really liked the activity areas at GUHEM, where they came out of curiosity after Gezeravcı flew into space.

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