Baykar General Manager Haluk Bayraktar shared on his Twitter account, ” MIT Technology Review, one of the most important technology channels in the world, showed our national SİHAs Bayraktar TB2s among the groundbreaking technologies of 2023.” used the phrase.

On the website of the MIT Technology Review magazine, it was stated that Turkish-made aircraft such as the Bayraktar TB2 significantly expanded the role of drones in warfare.

On the magazine’s website, it was reported that for decades, high-level precision strike American aircraft such as the Predator and Reaper dominated drone warfare, but the war in Ukraine was defined by low-budget models produced in China, Iran or Turkey.

“Bayraktar TB2 is remarkable”

Some of the new unmanned aerial vehicles are ready-made quadcopters such as DJI, which are used for both reconnaissance and close-range attacks, while others such as the $30,000 Iranian-made Shahed drones that Russia uses to attack civilians in Kiev are more It can do long-range missions. But the most striking is the $5 million Bayraktar TB2 produced by Turkey’s Baykar company.” expressions were used.

The following evaluations regarding Bayraktar TB2s were included on the website of the magazine:

The TB2 is a collection of good-enough parts put together in a slow-flying fuselage. It can reach speeds of 138 miles per hour and has a communication range of approximately 186 miles. Baykar says he can stay in the air for 27 hours. However, when combined with cameras that can share video with ground stations, the TB2 becomes a powerful tool both for targeting the laser-guided bombs it carries on its wings and helping to direct artillery fire from the ground.

Most importantly, it’s simple usability. US-made drones like the Reaper are more capable but more expensive and subject to strict export controls. TB2 is available for any country that wants it. Ukraine bought 6 for military operations in Donbas in 2019, but the UAVs caught the world’s attention when they helped deter Russian invaders in early 2022. Tactical advantages are obvious

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