In recent phone calls via WhatsApp, requests are sent to users saying “I need help”. These calls are usually made from international numbers.

Especially in calls from countries such as Senegal, Philippines and Nigeria, callers try to attract attention with the images they add to their profiles.

When such calls are answered, the caller tries to persuade the other person with an opportunity to earn money. If the manipulation is successful, credit card information is requested from the person being called. Such fraudulent methods carry the risk of inflicting financial harm on users.

Social Media Specialist Oğuzhan Saruhan, who said that this is another fraud method, said, “Probably, our data was leaked somewhere with different methods and reached fraudulent networks. They put us in a fraud system with different methods, attractive offers, business offers and different attractive economic offers.” .

“Beware of the familiar number too”

Experts call for caution against calls from unknown numbers. Even calls and requests from a familiar number should be confirmed.

Pointing out that this can increase the possibility of being defrauded, Saruhan said, “You can even be careful when you reply to messages from numbers we know. For example, when you receive a message from a cousin, someone we know, your uncle, or your uncle, when he requests money from you or sends a link, you can verify it in a different way and he will send you a link. It may be more advantageous and correct for us to respond in this way.” used the phrases.

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