ChatGPT, which has a language model that interacts in the form of dialogue, is the most discussed artificial intelligence application of recent times. The application can answer every question, but the answers it gives sometimes raise doubts.

The application, which has 175 billion data lists in its current version, scans billions of information and data to provide meaningful answers to questions.

The fact that the application has a facilitating side increases the satisfaction of the users, but not all of the answers are correct.

May mislead users

Experts are of the opinion that the application carries certain risks. Digital Media Specialist Oğuzhan Saruhan draws attention to the fact that the chatbot can sometimes lead users to false information.

Emphasizing that there may be inaccurate and manipulated information in that data set, Saruhan said, “There may be data about racism, fascism or different bad feelings in this information set and it can impose it on you.”

It threatens professions

ChatGPT has the potential to threaten professions as well. Experts warn, pointing out that the researches show this.

Saruhan, “According to a study conducted today, a thousand professions may be in the background with their current version.” he said.

Experts are of the opinion that one of the topics that will be discussed more in the future will be copyrights. Because the emergence of the produced content with collected information brings to mind the question of who the owner is.

China and Italy banned

There are those who are satisfied with the application, and those who claim that it carries great risks. China and Italy have banned ChatGPT. Twitter CEO Elon Musk and some artificial intelligence experts have also called for the use of the software to be stopped.

Camera: Mustafa Oguz

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