According to the information he received from the General Directorate of Construction Affairs, important arrangements were made in the building inspection system in order to adapt to the technological developments of the day with the experience gained from the earthquakes in recent years in Turkey, to eliminate the problems experienced in practice and to ensure a more effective and efficient building inspection.

In this context, with the Electronic Concrete Monitoring System (EBIS), which was put into practice as of December 25, 2018, radio frequency identification tags (RFID) were placed into concrete samples taken from constructions.

It is checked whether the samples are taken from which construction, from which concrete mixer, on which day, at what hour, how many, by which personnel of the laboratory, whether they are taken with the participation of building inspectors, and whether the samples are kept at the construction site and in the curing pool for the periods specified in the relevant standard. It is ensured that it is transferred online to the Ministry system without any intervention.

30 million 388 thousand 676 chip concrete samples were taken from 381 thousand 376 buildings throughout the country from the commissioning of the EBIS application, which achieved 99.45 percent success, until 14 August 2023.

Within the scope of EBIS, the production of RFID tags, which are used in the system and have not been produced in Turkey until now, started after a year of R&D work. Thus, this technology, which has many uses in many sectors, has become domestic and nationalized.

Cooperation protocol with Albania, Azerbaijan, Qatar, TRNC and Uzbekistan

Due to the absence of a monitoring system with these features worldwide, the Ministry held meetings with these countries upon requests from Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Albania, Turkmenistan, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

While a cooperation protocol was signed with Albania, Azerbaijan, Qatar, TRNC and Uzbekistan for the establishment of the Electronic Concrete Monitoring System, negotiations with Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan continue.

The success of the EBIS Project was crowned with many awards. Accordingly, the “Transformation Project of the Year” award at the Turkey Innovation and Success Awards Ceremony in 2019, the “Innovation Category” award at the Eurasia Construction Architecture Engineering and Design Project Festival in the same year, and the “Benefit Category in Corporate Processes” in the competition organized by the Turkish Informatics Association in 2020. “He was awarded the prize.

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