Okyay evaluated the activities of the association and the level the industry has reached.

Stating that the association, which is the oldest and most established umbrella organization of the sector, has been serving in the Ankara Chamber of Industry for a while, Okyay said that SASAD is trying to support the development of its members with the activities it carries out.

Pointing out that there are 8 committees within the association, Okyay stated that they work on issues such as R&D and technology, export and promotion, SMEs and supply chain, they prepare programs and provide trainings to their members.

Emphasizing that they attach importance to increasing relations with members, Okyay said that they continued the relay race with a new logo, a new office and a new secretary general during this period.

Okyay stated that they closely monitor global, regional and sectoral developments, try to inform their members about these with the reports they prepare, and bring together the experts in their field in webinars.

“We encourage our members for projects abroad”

Pointing out that the number of members of SASAD has increased rapidly in the recent period, Okyay made the following assessment:

“This makes us very happy, we are very pleased. From here, I get the message that we are on the right track. We are trying to expand our activities. We are trying more to bring suppliers and main producers together. We are trying to revive this area. On the other hand, we are trying to increase our national and international visibility. “We have increased the number of our members. We encourage the participation of our members in some programs such as international and national incentives, funds and grants. We try to mediate the programs of our Ministry of Commerce. We both encourage our members for projects abroad and try to organize them.”

Stating that they aim to increase the income of the association and expand the scope of services with the new economic enterprise they have established, Okyay said that they are trying to bring together “start-ups” with big companies, financing resources and to support the development of the innovation culture in the country. Okyay stated that these will be the activities that they will focus more on in the new period.

“Great things are being done”

Mentioning the performance of the defense and aerospace industry in 2022, Osman Okyay said that the industry is loved and closely followed in Turkey.

Okyay said:

“When we put together the projects that have emerged and are expected to be released in the future, which have been promoted, the course of the industry is at a level that can be taken off. The industry is doing very well, really doing great things. Very big projects have been started. It is not necessary to mention our National Combat Aircraft, UAVs. On the other hand, our tank is about to come out slowly. Therefore, there are such huge platform projects and at the same time, we, as an association, are always by our side of these big platform manufacturers, TUSAŞ, TEI, ASELSAN, HAVELSAN, ROKETSAN, Baykar, BMC etc. To support companies other than the main contractors. “We are trying hard. We have shifted our focus to them as well. We will see that the developments in the defense industry will accelerate when there is a strong ecosystem. That is why it is very important that we build the bottom of the pyramid well. We need to create a very healthy ecosystem. Therefore, we are focused on that side as well.”

“We have very ambitious projects in the sector”

Pointing out that the sector is developing and its exports are increasing day by day, Okyay stated that a very serious hinterland has formed in every field on the basis of platforms, from ships to rocket-missile systems, and this is ensured by the quality and performance of the products. Osman Okyay said:

“It was really flattering. As Turks, we proudly operate abroad in the defense industry. We are a defense industry association.” “This is a very good thing. As a citizen of the Republic of Turkey, it gives me great pride. Therefore, I hope these breakthroughs will continue to increase. We have very ambitious projects in the sector. The National Combat Aircraft is one of them, we are following it closely. It is truly a country’s only “These are projects that it would not be very easy for him to undertake on his own. Here the first plane took off and took a taxi. These are very good, pleasing developments, we hope they will continue.”

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