The new favorite of the technology world, digital twins. That is, the transfer of a real-world product or service to the virtual environment.

Described as one of the technological revolutions of the new age, digital twins are now appearing in many sectors. Thanks to this technology, people and objects can be transferred to the three-dimensional environment with their one-to-one features.

So how are digital twins created?

Mechanical Engineer Nihat Özkurt said the following on the subject:

“Digital twins can be created in two different ways. The first is the result of hundreds of hours of labor with digital design programs, which is an old method used today. The second is photo-realistic 360-degree scanning cabinets that we use and are developing.”

More than 100 sensors working

There are more than 100 sensors and dozens of computers in scanning cabinets with high software technology. After scanning in less than 5 seconds, a digital twin is created in a few minutes with the help of artificial intelligence.

Digital twins are in demand from many industries

Nihat Özkurt and his team also prepared a digital twin sample specially for TRT Haber.

It is also possible to attend concerts, go shopping, and visit museums with digital twins.

Özkurt said that big brands want to carry their products to 3D environments, and that they also have great demands for hotels, restaurants and museums to create their digital twins.

City, building and infrastructure planning with digital twin technology

Digital copies of objects are also used in manufacturing, real estate, education and healthcare. For example, thanks to the use of this technology in the construction industry, the durability of buildings is tested.

Nihat Özkurt continued his speech as follows:

“After the great earthquake disaster in our country, the demand for digital twins has also increased in the construction industry. Digital twins are used in the design of cities, buildings and infrastructures. And thus, before starting the construction of the building, it is checked whether it is earthquake resistant and simulations are made. And we can obtain results that are very close to reality.”

This 3D technology offers an experience very close to the real world.

Camera: Yasin Gungor

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