In the written statement made by TUSAŞ Engine Industry (TEI), established in Eskişehir, it was stated that at TEKNOFEST 2023, which will take place at Ankara Etimesgut Airport on 30 August-3 September, TUSAŞ Engine Industry AŞ will exhibit its engines that bring domestic and national platforms to the skies.

In the statement, it was stated that the produced parts of Turkey’s most powerful national aviation engine family TEI-TF6000/TEI-TF10000 will be presented to the attention of the visitors for the first time.

“TEI will exhibit its capabilities in all fields of activity, especially in national aviation engines, at the fair. Gas turbine and piston engines, which brought firsts to Turkey’s aviation adventure, will also meet with technology lovers. TEI, the first helicopter engine produced in Turkey with domestic facilities, T700-TEI-701D’ It will also present the parts it produced for the world’s most preferred civil aviation engine, LEAP, to the visitors.

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