NextRay AI Executive Vice President Selin Özbilen Aydede said that NextRay AI is included in Gartner’s latest “Market Guide for Network Detection and Response” report with its network security solution “NDR” product.

Aydede stated that although many companies claim to detect suspicious activities on the network, many reports indicate that there are deficiencies in the market that cause security weaknesses in providing security, “NextRay AI’s NDR product meets the security needs of its customers with its proactive approach that detects threats at an early stage and advanced response capabilities. He can respond instantly.” said.

“It has shown that it is considered a high potential product”

Selin Özbilen Aydede stated that NextRay AI ensures that customers’ needs are met in a short time by applying flexible and customizable solutions.

“NextRay AI has managed to stay ahead of its competitors with its performance in dominating the process by enhancing the SOC visibility trio by improving investigation, detection, prioritization and response features. NextRay AI analyzes each behavior on various screens, captures initial vectors and resolves possible attack surfaces at an early stage. Network It offers qualified solutions to threats on the Internet, and uses advanced algorithms to decrypt encrypted traffic.

It can extract the summary of the traffic network analysis data in-house. With a learning and testing period of as little as 1 week, it gives customers an advantage. It makes it possible to detect anomalies in a maximum of 6 hours with a hybrid approach and with supervised and unsupervised artificial intelligence-based advanced algorithms. The inclusion of NextRay AI in Gartner’s report demonstrates that its capabilities in NDR have quickly gained traction and are recognized as a high-potential product by a broad market.”

Stating that NextRay AI has achieved a significant success in a short time and Turkey has opened the door to future investments with network security solutions, Aydede said that their companies aim to stay ahead of the world’s leading companies in this technology with their differences in technical solution and continue to be preferable.

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