BMC Power attended the International Defense and Security Equipment Fair (DSEI 2023), one of the world’s leading defense industry meetings held in London.

BMC Power General Manager Mustafa Kaval answered questions about the projects the company carries out to meet the power group needs of naval platforms.

Emphasizing that the founding mission of the company is to develop and produce power groups that cannot be supplied locally and nationally, Kaval said that land platforms were initially taken as the basis here.

Stating that their ongoing projects are mainly aimed at land platforms, Kaval said:

“But since we have evaluated that there is a similar need and problem in marine platforms for about a year, we have been working on the question of how we can produce solutions for marine platforms. We focused on how we can reach the solutions here in the shortest way. In this context, we used an existing engine, which is our 600 horsepower AZRA engine.

We chose to use the engine by marinizing it, that is, by making it suitable for sea conditions. This was the shortest and most practical way we could find a solution. In this sense, we worked together to replace the power group of the MARLIN unmanned boat project, developed jointly by Sefine Shipyard and ASELSAN, with our 600 horsepower AZRA marine engine.

The production of the prototype of this engine continues and will be completed around October. We will deliver it to our Sefine Shipyard around the end of the year and it will be installed on the unmanned boat. “The project is running successfully as we predicted.”

From boats to main propulsion machinery

Explaining that they can use the same engine for tow boats in the port area to meet the needs of the Naval Forces, Kaval said, “We have also started engine production for tow boats. We plan to integrate the engine into the tow boat at the end of the year. This is the solution we created with 600 horsepower.” said.

Stating that there are main and auxiliary machines used in the Naval Forces, Kaval said that they are also working on the issue of auxiliary machines. Stating that İşbir company delivers products to the Naval Forces as generator sets, Kaval stated that they are working together to produce their engines and that they will develop solutions as auxiliary machines. Mustafa Kaval said:

“Here, when we moved up to the upper power groups, we looked at whether we could do a similar work with our existing engines in the high power group. We are making preparations for it. The first example could be an auxiliary machine, but in the future, of course, we need the main propulsion system. We will also marinate and use our engine in the upper power group. “It is in the early stages, but our main goal is to develop a main propulsion engine that fully meets the needs of our Naval Forces and Coast Guard Command.”

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