Turkey’s largest technology festival, TEKNOFEST, opened its doors to technology and science enthusiasts at Etimesgut Airport.

Sarsılmaz, which exhibited its new products at the festival, also exhibited SAR 2023, which was produced specifically for the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey, at its stands.

Visitors showed great interest in the pistol, which was produced only 2023 units.

As in TEKNOFEST Istanbul, visitors in Ankara also had a shooting experience in the simulation area created by transferring all the features of Sarsılmaz’s private open-air test range to the digital world.

Visitors experienced the SAR9 SC, SAR9 SP and SAR9 CX model pistols, SAR 109T submachine guns and SAR 56 assault rifles under realistic conditions.

“It was produced in reference to the 100th anniversary of our Republic”

Sarsılmaz Arms Industry Deputy General Manager Öner Özyılmaz gave information about the local and national products at the stand.

“SAR 2023, which was produced to commemorate the 100th anniversary of our Republic, is also on display here.” Özyılmaz stated that the pistol is a special series and only 2023 pieces were produced.

Emphasizing that the visitors have a safe shooting experience in the specially established range simulation, Özyılmaz said that the hit rate of the shots can also be calculated on the screens.

In addition, one of the most important milestones of the new roadmap drawn by Sarsılmaz with the vision of becoming a “technology brand focusing on the defense industry” and the first autonomous weapon system, SARBOT, which has been renewed in the last year, was introduced.

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