While domestic technologies make a difference in the defense industry, their usage areas are developing day by day.

It was produced for the fight against terrorism. He became one of the biggest assistants of the security forces in the residential area. Behind the Wall Target Detection Radar, one of the new products of the defense industry breakthrough…

STM Leader Technician Yusuf Hayirli said, “It is a radar system that enables the location of the elements in the closed area or the place regardless of whether they are moving or inactive.”

The system detects invisible creatures that cannot be detected with optical sensors and gives their locations.

Domestic technology has made a great contribution to search and rescue efforts

The radar system developed by the domestic technology company STM was used in the disaster area.

Goodlı said that the device made a great contribution to the search and rescue efforts in the earthquake:

“We worked in coordination with the search and rescue teams. We tried to support the search and rescue efforts by going through the tunnels and through the roads they showed us, by entering every point with our device.”

50 people under the rubble were detected with the Behind the Wall Radar System

The Behind-the-Wall Radar System can monitor up to 22 meters in areas where the concrete density is not high, such as residential areas, but this distance decreases in areas such as debris where the concrete density is high. The technical team worked devotedly to eliminate this disadvantage. Although he had no experience, he went under the rubble and managed to get 50 people alive.

It can even detect living things that are still and only breathing.

The system has ultra-wideband radar technology. The most important feature is that it is sensitive to macro and micro movements. In other words, in addition to macro sensitivity such as walking and waving behind the obstacle, it detects even micro-targets that are standing still and breathing only.

News: Semih Kilic

Camera: Hakan Aykac

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