According to the statement made by Izmir Water and Sewerage Administration (IZSU), field work started after the residential areas that will serve visitors and participants were determined by Izmir Governorship, TEKNOFEST and Çiğli Airport officials.

Work carried out in areas that needed infrastructure such as dining halls, cleaning areas and toilets were completed in a short time.

Within the scope of the work, a 900-meter sewer line and a 1400-meter drinking water line were created in the area where students and staff’s cafeteria needs and cleaning areas are located, as well as in the event area and parking area.

Since there was no infrastructure to connect the sewage system in the region, a total of 6 septic tanks and 3 fountains were manufactured in the area.

6 sewage trucks, 1 combined canal vehicle, 1 skittle vehicle, 1 water tanker and water pumps will be available to quickly resolve any problems that may arise during the festival. Channel and clean water malfunction teams that will serve in the area will respond to possible malfunctions immediately.

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