TEKNOFEST continues to open its doors to technology and science enthusiasts at Etimesgut Airport.

The “Claw and Eye Project”, which was developed for the detection of life triangles in earthquakes, took place at the Disaster Management Technologies booth at the festival.

Engin Eralp, a student at the Department of Artificial Intelligence and Data Engineering at Istanbul Technical University, gave information about the “Claw and Eye Project” he developed with his friends.

Stating that they started their work with 4 of his friends after the Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquakes on February 6, Eralp said that after the earthquake, the rescue teams generally focused on the sound under the debris.

Stating that the most important feature of the drone called Claw and Göz is to detect the triangles of life under the debris in case of an earthquake, Eralp emphasized that they aim to facilitate the work of the search teams by taking images from places that cannot be entered, thanks to the device they produced.

Eralp gave the following information:

“The device has a thermal-based system, and we have also developed electro-photo-optical lenses. These lenses can broadcast via frequency. We can also convert this broadcast into an image. The system can measure the pressure of the heartbeat and see if it is alive in the field.”

“Time is vital in the search and rescue process”

Emphasizing the importance of time in search and rescue efforts, Eralp said, “We can intervene completely quickly and healthily from the air in search and rescue. We do not endanger human life, and we intervene early when a millisecond is important.” said.

Eralp, “We aim to develop the device locally and nationally and to be able to use it in international earthquake drills and earthquake areas.” he said.

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