Organized by the partnership of many organizations that play a critical role in the development of national technology in Turkey, the Turkish Technology Team Foundation and the Ministry of Industry and Technology, TEKNOFEST continues on its third day at Istanbul Atatürk Airport.

Participants from different education levels exhibit their projects in technology competitions held in many categories at TEKNOFEST Istanbul.

Zelzele team from Iskenderun Technical University developed the “Disaster Information Casting Device” with the support of Iskenderun Youth Center; It provides information about the instantaneous status of buildings in natural disasters such as earthquakes, landslides and floods.

In order to reach the emergency assembly areas in the event of an earthquake, the Disaster Information Dump Device project, which works integrated with the mobile phone application “Earthquake”, which contains the disaster map information of the open roads, provides faster information flow in case of disasters, and enables faster delivery of aid.

The Zelzele team competes in the Disaster Management category of the Technology Contest for the Benefit of Humanity within the scope of TEKNOFEST Technology competitions.

“Due to the earthquakes, the houses of our teammates were also destroyed”

Samet Koçdaş from Zelzele team stated that they started the project regarding their project before the earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş, and that thanks to their project, it will be seen how the buildings were affected while the earthquake continues on three-dimensional maps.

Iskenderun earthquake survivor students will instantly detect the damage with 'Earthquake'

Noting that his projects will notify the authorities instantly while detecting the damage, Koçdaş said:

“We have developed a system that instantly reports how many floors of a building have collapsed or how many people live in it with the Disaster Information Dump Device placed on the top of the buildings. With the ‘Earthquake’ we created for end users, we also determine whether the people who downloaded the application on their phone are in the destroyed building. “The feature is that it is very cost effective. With the 4 small boxes we placed on the top of the buildings, we can prevent the chaos that occurred right after the earthquake.”

Koçdaş stated that the Disaster Data Casting Device was not affected by possible power cuts and telecommunication problems during the earthquake.

Expressing that the roads closed due to the earthquake caused significant difficulties in reaching the aid, Koçdaş continued as follows:

“Due to the earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş, the houses of our teammates were also destroyed. We immediately embraced our project with four arms, 1-2 weeks after the earthquake. Because we saw the need on site after the earthquake. For example, the building we live in collapsed towards the road. It prevented the traffic passage. Thanks to the application, the roads closed due to the earthquake will be notified instantly to the users. The user will be able to reach the closest area from the open roads with the ‘go to the emergency assembly area’ option.”

Koçdaş, Dean of the Faculty of Business and Management Sciences of Iskenderun Technical University, Prof. He thanked Nazif Calis for his support.

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