Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, shared a photo of his children on his Instagram, but covered their faces with emojis.

This protectionist attitude of Zuckerberg became the agenda on social media.

Some parents share every moment of their children on social media. It produces content without considering their privacy. So, what are the threats that sharing about children can pose? Experts evaluated the curious ones on TRT Haber.

“The biggest problem is pedophilia”

Digital Media Specialist Oğuzhan Saruhan emphasized that digital fingerprints are never forgotten and said:

A photo, a video we shared today; It can happen even after 30 years. And these contents can cause us different problems. Mark Zuckerberg may also feel the need to hide his children’s faces, as he is one of those who know this best.

Saruhan said that the biggest problem in social media is pedophilia.We see that shared children’s photos are frequently shared on undesirable platforms, on platforms where pedophiles are present, and they travel around here.‘ he said.

“Sharings can cause psychological problems”

From the schools they attend to the education they receive, every content shared causes the child’s virtual identity to be formed without his knowledge. This can cause problems in later life.

Digital Media Specialist Saruhan: This virtual identity is the identities we create, associate with them, and want to see in them. When children grow up, they either try to keep up with this identity, which causes some psychological problems.

Psychologist Tuana Nur Yazıcılar also spoke about the subject.For example, he may not want to see that version of himself again. During adolescence, he may have problems with this. He can find those photos and make a mockery of it.” said.

Emphasis on privacy from experts

Psychologist Yazıcılar emphasized that children’s privacy should be protected:

It can negatively affect the school life of the child, negatively affect his personal life, and after the child reaches the age of 18, he can also impose sanctions on this issue. That’s why we ask families to be sensitive about this issue, especially in order to protect the privacy of children.

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