According to the statement made by Türksat AŞ, the final excitement of the Türksat Model Satellite Competition, which will be held for the 8th time with the cooperation of the company and the Turkish Technology Team Foundation, begins.

Young engineers, who have completed the development phase of a real satellite as a model with the flight stage to be held tomorrow at the Hisar Firing Field in Aksaray Salt Lake, will compete for the first place by completing the two-way and inter-system communication tasks in the flight stage.

The flight stage of the Türksat Model Satellite Competition, which has been successfully held for 8 years and has hosted thousands of students, will be carried out by launching model satellites with rockets.

The model satellites, which will perform many tasks during the flight phase, will perform nearly 50 missions this year.

During the descent of the model satellites, the telemetry and image data received from the sensors will be instantly transferred to the ground station, as well as the graphical visualization of the transferred data on the command control computer interface.

In addition, the unique missions to be carried out in order to stabilize the altitude of the model satellites by staying suspended at 200 meters altitude for 10 seconds after leaving the carrier and to increase the visibility of the satellite will be among the important tasks that the competitors will experience this year.

In the process, which started with 3 teams and 18 people for the first time in 2016, a total of 650 teams and approximately 4 thousand young people gained experience in the field of satellites.

The interest of university students in the Türksat Model Satellite Competition increases exponentially every year. The 8th Türksat Model Satellite Competition, which is expected to be the scene of fierce competition and great excitement this year, will be broadcast live on Türksat Promotion and Türksat Youtube channels.

The aim of the competition is to provide students with the opportunity to share experiences with other university teams, to communicate with institutions, companies, experts and engineers operating in the sector, as well as to train human resources in the field of satellite and space technologies.

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