The MIR Unmanned Naval Vehicle (IDA), developed with SEFINE Shipyard within the scope of the contract signed between the Presidency of Defense Industries and ASELSAN and used for the purpose of Anti-Submarine Warfare (DSH), displayed another important basic warfare capability after the swarm demonstration.

In the event, in which the Presidency of Defense Industries and the officials of the Naval Forces Command also participated, light torpedo firing was successfully carried out over the control station on the land with the ASELSAN Torpedo Case System integrated into the MIR Unmanned Naval Vehicle. Thus, for the first time, a torpedo was fired from an IDA.

Can work with unmanned underwater vehicles

While MIR IDA is used in anti-submarine warfare duties as its main purpose; It can also be used in missions such as intelligence/surveillance/reconnaissance, protection of critical facilities and floating platforms, and surface warfare.

MIR İDA, which can attack submarines with its autonomous navigation capability and the sonar on it, with light torpedo and DSH rockets, can work together with UAVs and unmanned underwater vehicles.

MIR IDA, which was first seen at sea in June 2022, had served together with ALBATROS-S IDAs as a Heterogeneous IDA Swarm.

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