TEKNOFEST, which was held at Etimesgut Airport and will end today, hosted technology and science enthusiasts from all age groups.

In the festival, where long queues are formed every day and different and entertaining scientific activities are held, some participants had exciting moments by following the demonstration flights, while some little ones were impressed by what they saw and added being a pilot to their future dreams.

Visitors also had the opportunity to examine the technology projects prepared by the students on site.

“We want the festival to be extended”

Serkan Özçaya, 43, who visited the stands in the area, said that he liked Bayraktar KIZILELMA the most. Özçaya’s 7-year-old son, Sami Mustafa, stated that he liked HÜRKUŞ and wanted to be a pilot when he grew up.

Emphasizing that they wanted the festival to be extended, 65-year-old Kürşad Agac said, “I found the TEKNOFEST area extraordinary. I found it tremendous.” Mehmet Akif Buyru, 10, also said that the areas where the cars are exhibited affect him.

Five-year-old Elif Yavuz, who came to TEKNOFEST by drawing a butterfly on her face, said that she draws, paints and spends a pleasant time in the festival area.

“I want to be a pilot when I grow up”

The happiness he experienced while visiting the project stands, “There are excellent children, it’s mind-opening.” Halil İbrahim Aykır, 73, emphasized that he was proud to see domestic and national vehicles.

Saying that the festival left a positive impression on him, 8-year-old Berat Yurt also said, “I want to be a pilot when I grow up.” he said.

Eight-year-old Emre Eymen Doğan, who carries a model of an airplane in his hand, also shared his impressions, “My favorite area was the land of flying helicopters. I loved it there.” shared his words.

Stating that he liked the demonstration flights very much, Doğan stated that he wanted to meet the pilots.

“We are proud”

Explaining that they liked the gendarmerie’s show very much, 31-year-old Muhammed Sarı said, “We are proud, of course, when we start producing it ourselves, we are proud. I hope it will develop further, we will build even bigger ones. We will also expand into space.” said.

6-year-old Hamza Sarı, who was visiting the festival area with his father, said that he wanted to be a policeman before coming to the festival, but now he is considering becoming a pilot.

“I saw the power Turkey has”

Saying that she is interested in aviation and that’s why she came to the festival, 21-year-old Merve Nur Dadak said, “By visiting the festival, I saw the power of Turkey and I was proud.” he said.

10-year-old Eymen Efe Çekiş said that he had fun in the areas where technology was exhibited, and said that he was happy to see domestic and national vehicles and that he wanted to be a scientist.

Cezmi Özdemir, 51, also stated that he watched and liked the flight shows and that seeing domestic vehicles was a source of happiness.

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