The Turkish Space Agency (TUA) published a post about Gezeravcı’s work on the International Space Station.

The post reads: “Turkish’s first astronaut Gezeravcı made an entertaining video about rotation and inertia in which he studied the dynamics of movement of objects in a microgravity environment. This video showing how Newton’s laws of motion work in space will satisfy your curiosity about space physics.” The phrase was used.

In the video, Gezeravcı showed the movements and cyclic reactions of the balls in his experiment with plastic-filled baseball balls, sponge balls and soccer balls. Gezeravcı then checked the inertial response of the cycle in a zero gravity environment by rotating on the ISS, and finally reflected the responses of the flashlights when they rotated around their own axis and different rotation axes.

Gezeravcı, who has conducted three different experiments on the ISS, said: “I hope your interest in space-related experiments and research continues.” said.

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