Gezeravcı conducted 13 experiments during his 14-day stay on the ISS.

The last of them, faculty member of Ankara University, Prof. DR. The “METABOLOM” experiment, whose project leader was Emel Emregül, aimed to reveal the negative effects of space conditions on human health.

The experiment will examine the effects of space conditions on human health through detailed molecular-level analyzes of astronauts’ blood, urine and saliva samples.

The aim of the research is to study the physiological and biochemical changes in gene expression and metabolism of Gezeravcı under the influence of space environmental conditions.

In addition, useful data will be obtained for further research by experts who will work in Turkish space research on topics such as gravity physiology, aviation and space medicine. It is believed that this data could be useful in developing new treatments and prevention measures for diseases around the world.

Industry and Technology Minister Mehmet Fatih Kacır stated in his post on his social media account that Gezeravcı conducted 13 scientific experiments on the ISS during his tenure and said: “The scientific studies will be carried out after (Gezeravcı’s) return continued. This experience will help us create new research opportunities for our scientists.” “Turkish scientists will continue to conduct research that will compete with the world in all fields,” he said.

Completed experiments

Gezeravcı has continued his experiments according to his schedule every day since his arrival on the ISS.

With his MYELOID experiment, astronaut Gezeravcı investigated how galactic cosmic rays, gravitational changes and other challenging factors he was exposed to during his stay in space affect astronauts’ immune systems and blood production process.

Gezeravcı, who conducted the “MİYOKA” experiment, which will provide the space and defense industries with important information about lead-free soldering, also conducted the “UYNA” experiment, which is expected to make a significant contribution to Turkey’s development capability New generation materials for the space, aviation and defense industries.

Studies have also been carried out on the “MESSAGE” experiment, which examines genes whose functions have not yet been discovered and their relationship to the immune system, which are influenced by the non-gravity environment.

Gezeravcı, who also carried out the “PRANET” experiment proposed by the students of Muş Science and Art Center and whose teacher Birsen Geçer was the project manager, was assisted by Prof. of TÜBİTAK MAM. DR. He also signed the “gMETAL” experiment, which aims to make spacecraft propulsion systems more efficient, for which İskender Gökalp and Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology Ahmet Yozgatlıgil, who are project managers.

Gezeravcı also conducted the “EXTREMOPHYTE” experiment, which examined the physiological and molecular responses of the endemic halophyte plant Schrenkiella parvula, which grows in Salt Lake, to the space environment.

“CRISPR-GEM”, which represents the first step in developing new plants to provide the nutrients needed by large numbers of people who will live in space in the future and to support environmental controls in closed living environments, and “Expert “In this process, experiments were also carried out to investigate whether it is possible to use microalgae species in life support systems in space.

Gezeravcı is working on “ALGALSPACE”, which will study the use of algae in the space environment in oxygen regeneration from carbon dioxide, nutritional supplementation, water improvement and life support areas and will enable the detection of vital responses to life in space through changes starting from the “vocal cord” and the Identification of disturbances caused by low gravity with sound frequencies. He also continued his “VOKALKORD” experiments.

The aim of the “OXYGEN SATURATION” experiment was to identify the differences and inconveniences caused by low gravity by calculating the oxygen content of the given air with the support of artificial intelligence.

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