According to BBC news, the artificial intelligence program used can identify changes in DNA.

The new system, called AlphaMissense, works by controlling the order of components in human DNA strands. An error in the sequence indicates that body cells and tissues are not produced properly, which can lead to disease.

Pushmeet Kohli from DeepMind stated that they identified 89 percent of all important mutations in DNA with the new system.

Deputy Director General of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory Prof. Describing the development as a big step, Ewan Birney said, “This will help clinical researchers prioritize where to look to find places that may cause disease.” he said.

The development is expected to speed up diagnosis and aid in the search for better treatments.

Last year, DeepMind solved the shape of almost all proteins in the human body through artificial intelligence.

The study, conducted through AlphaMissense, was published in the journal “Science”.

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