According to the Big Bang Theory, the entire universe came into being as a result of a big bang. There were gas compressions and reactions in a ‘point’ area, the atoms that made up the universe spread and expanded with a big bang. As a result of this explosion that took place 13.8 billion years ago, galaxies, stars, planets and the world we live on were formed.

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Introduced in the 1920s

The Big Bang Theory was put forward in the 1920s as a result of the work done by Russian Physicist Alexander Friedmann and Belgian Mathematician and Astronomer Georges Lemaître. Although it was widely accepted by those who wondered how the universe came to be, it was not a ‘law’ in the scientific sense because it was almost impossible to prove or reject. So it remained ‘theory’. What actually happened was not an explosion, but a physical process, but it continued to be known as the ‘Big Bang’.

Images Obtained with JWST

The most advanced telescope the world had until recently was Hubble. On December 25, 2021, a more advanced telescope, the JWST, was launched into space. In order to make observations away from atmospheric effects, it was placed in orbit about 1 and a half million kilometers from the earth, and new images of space began to pass. The images obtained were such as to open the Big Bang Theory to discussion because images of galaxies formed 300-400 million years after the universe was formed were obtained. According to the Big Bang Theory, this time period should have been the ‘dark age’.

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The Father of Theory Was a Pastor

One of the respected astronomers of Turkey, Prof. Dr. Ethem Derman says the following on this subject:

“We always wonder how our universe was formed. To satisfy this curiosity, scientists also put forward models. The most accepted model in our time is the Big Bang model. Georges Lemaître, who put forward the model, was a superior Belgian scientist, a genius in mathematics and physics, who put forward this theory for the first time and attracted the attention of scientists of that age such as Einstein and Eddington with his calculations. He is a pastor and a graduate of the Catholic University of Leuven. The Christian world has embraced this theory and stood behind it. Scientists who were against the theory called it ‘church science’ for this reason. Christian foundations and sects, due to their financial strength, did not accept the projects given by scientists in large telescopes and the publication of their scientific articles.”

Has the 'Big Bang Theory' Failed?

Time Doesn’t Match

Stating that according to the Big Bang theory, a very rapid growth called ‘inflation’ took place right after the universe was formed, Derman continues his words as follows:

“According to the theory, the dark age began after 400 thousand years and this situation continued until 300 million years. Stars began to take place in the universe 300 million years after the universe was formed, and galaxies came into existence 1 billion years later. Behind this theory, which I tried to express in words, is a great mathematics and physics. The age of the universe was calculated as 13.8 billion years from the background radiation and redshift. When JWST made its first observations public in July 2022, cosmologists and astronomers alike were shocked because they observed galaxies formed 300-400 million years after the universe was formed. However, these should have happened after 1 billion years.”

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They Are Not Newly Formed

Derman states that the fact that these galaxies are not ‘newly formed’ galaxies is another important point. Stating that these galaxies, which are calculated to have emerged 300-400 million years after the Big Bang, are galaxies with ‘barred spiral arms’, that is, ‘the emergence of them goes back much earlier’, Prof. Derman said, “More interestingly, when the universe first formed, there was only hydrogen and helium. Later, stars produce other elements as a result of nuclear reaction in their centers. These galaxies had fingerprints of oxygen gas. “Again, these galaxies are much brighter than expected and again outnumbered.”

To Be Redefined

In the light of these developments, the Big Bang Theory needs to be revised. Cosmologists will need to develop a new theory or redefine the Big Bang Theory based on the fact that “galaxies formed much earlier than expected.”

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