Universities accelerated their efforts to expand the usage areas of cannabis, which came to the agenda with the statements of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Yozgat Bozok University Rector Prof. Dr. Evren Yaşar said that they attach importance to following technological developments in the university at TEKNOFEST held at Etimesgut Airport.

Noting that cannabis is used in many areas from cosmetics to the defense industry, Yaşar explained that they are working to increase the use of cannabis, especially in the field of technology.

prof. Dr. Yasar, “We think that we can move forward together with our other stakeholders in order to improve the use of technology in our country. We have highly developed laboratories in this regard. At the same time, we aim to become a university that brings engineering and other branches together by using the other facilities of the university.” said.

Emphasizing that a separate product can be obtained from each part of hemp, Yaşar said:

“You can achieve this with various chemical interactions. When you think of hemp in the world, medical uses come to mind the most. Cannabis is also used in areas such as cosmetics, construction and defense industries. It can be used in armor making. It is quite light, the product used becomes lighter and increases its durability. Here, hemp-added You can see textile products, composite materials, asphalt concrete and cosmetics.”

Increases durability in vehicles

Yaşar also mentioned that they are working on autonomous vehicles and stated that they use cannabis on the exterior of the autonomous vehicle, which was held at the university and participated in the competitions. Yaşar said that hemp increases durability in vehicles.

Noting that they have developed projects for the use of cannabis in construction and have applied to TUBITAK, Yaşar stated that increasing the use of hemp will be a gain for Turkey.

Pointing out that there is a technopark at the university, Yaşar added that they are working on unmanned aerial vehicles there.

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