“Experiment Dictionary” was shared on TUA’s social media account to better understand the terms used in describing Gezeravcı’s experiments.

In this context, terms related to the “ALGALSPACE” experiment, which is a comparative study of Antarctic and temperate microalgae cultivation under space conditions, are first explained. The following was noted in the post:

– Algae: Aquatic organisms capable of photosynthesis

– Antibacterial: Effective against bacteria

– Antifungal: Effective against fungi

– Fighting cancer: kills cancer cells

– Antiviral: Effective against viruses

– Biomaterial: Materials derived from biological sources or used in biological systems

– Extremophile: Organisms that can adapt to extreme environmental conditions

– Photosynthesis: The process by which algae and plants use light energy to produce food and oxygen from carbon dioxide

– Temperate culture: Culture at medium temperature

– Polar algae: Algae are found in the north and south polar regions.

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