The historic space flight comes to an end… The first Turkish astronaut Alper Gezeravcı returns to Earth.

After the ceremony for Gezeravcı and the three accompanying astronauts, all eyes turned to the return journey.

The team including Gezeravcı will leave the International Space Station tomorrow afternoon to return to Earth. The journey of the capsule that will bring the astronauts back to Earth is expected to take about 12 to 13 hours.

According to calculations, the astronauts will return to Earth on Sunday morning. The planned landing is to take place at one of seven potential landing points in the Atlantic Ocean east of the US state of Florida and in the Gulf of Mexico to the west.

Health checks are carried out

After the capsule lands on the water, the astronauts are brought on board and their first examination is carried out there.

The team is taken from the ship to the airport by helicopter and then by plane to Houston.

In the meantime, general checks are carried out by doctors on the aircraft.

The team is expected to reach Houston in the morning of the same day. Here the astronauts undergo a comprehensive health examination and remain in quarantine for a while.

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