Many domestic subsystems developed within the Turkish defense industry are used in the jet training and light attack aircraft HURJET, which made its maiden flight at the Kahramankazan facilities of Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ) on April 25.

Nurol Control and Avionics Systems Inc. (Nurol CAS) also contributes to the HÜRJET project with the solutions it has developed.

In this context, HÜRJET made its first flight with cockpit control panels designed and produced by Nurol CAS.

Nurol CAS develops and manufactures all 28 control panels in the cockpit of the HÜRJET aircraft, entirely with domestic engineering power. These control panels are critical for pilots to control many units, including the engine, landing gear, parking brake, fuel, communications, in-cockpit heat and lighting.

Nurol CAS is negotiating to serve TUSAŞ as a subcontractor in the serial production phase of the project.

Nurol CAS, formerly known as Nurol BAE Systems Air Systems AŞ (BNA), became 100 percent domestic as of November 2022, as Nurol Holding took over all shares from British partner BAE Systems with the vision of “becoming a domestic critical systems provider in aviation and defense industry sector activities”. .

HÜRJET flies with a domestic cockpit

Nurol CAS, national combat aircraft KAAN, general purpose helicopter GÖKBEY, basic training aircraft HÜRKUŞ, jet training and light attack aircraft HÜRJET, attack and tactical reconnaissance helicopter ATAK, heavy-class attack helicopter ATAK-II and unmanned aerial vehicle ANKA are indigenous to many subsystems. continues its negotiation and proposal works on its way to become a supplier.

Using the strong infrastructure of Nurol Holding, the company continues its localization efforts to reduce Turkey’s dependence on foreign resources in the fields of flight, engine, fuel control systems and avionics systems.

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