In the statement made on TÜBİTAK’s Twitter account, it was reported that SpaceX, which is responsible for the operation of the Falcon 9 rocket that will carry the İMECE satellite into orbit, officially announced that it is not possible to launch today.

In the statement, it was noted that the exact date and time of the launch, which has been postponed by one day as of now, will be announced later.

On the other hand, in the post on SpaceX’s Twitter account, it was stated that the teams were following the weather.

The IMECE Satellite was sent off to Vandenberg Space Force Base in the USA on February 21.

Developed within the scope of the project carried out with the coordination of the Ministry of National Defense and the Presidency of Defense Industries, supported by the Presidency Strategy and Budget Department and the TUBITAK 1007 program, the IMECE Satellite will be included in the inventory of the Air Force Command after the orbital tests are completed after its launch.

With the inauguration of IMECE, Turkey will, for the first time, provide space history to an electro-optical satellite camera with sub-meter resolution, developed with domestic and national resources.

IMECE, which will meet Turkey’s need for high resolution satellite imagery, will operate in orbit simultaneously with the sun at an altitude of 680 kilometers.

İMECE's space travel has been postponed

The satellite, which can take images from all over the world without geographical restrictions, will serve Turkey in many areas such as target detection and diagnosis, natural disasters, mapping, agricultural applications.

Weighing approximately 700 kilograms, IMECE’s dimensions are 2 meters x 3.1 meters. While IMECE can capture an area of ​​1000 kilometers long and 16.73 kilometers wide in one go, it can download the images it takes to the ground station with a gross data rate of 320 megabytes/second.

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