TraBTech, which started its operations as a subsidiary of BTech, which was established in ODTÜ TEKNOKENT in 2013 and develops products and services in the field of additive manufacturing, received a seed investment of 6.6 million dollars with the investment tour in which institutional and individual investors participated.

In addition to this investment, TraBTech provided 1.3 million euros from EU funds for new implant materials to be developed in orthopedics and pediatrics, including advanced material research and pediatric applications.

With these supports, TraBTech aims to commercialize the hip prosthesis TrabCup, the first mass-produced product, and to complete the regulation processes of newly developed products. Moving the company’s headquarters to Germany and opening it to the European market and continuing the preparations for the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval application are also among the targets.

With the additive manufacturing method, also known as 3D printers, a new manufacturing method, TraBTech is developing the “trabecular implant” series, which can integrate with the bone much faster, provide rapid healing, and can be used in young and old patients.

The surface technology, which is similar to the trabecular structure of the bone on the implant surface, allows the growth of bone and tissues, while keeping the tissue and blood supply at the maximum level thanks to its hollow structure. The nano-level roughness creates a special environment for the cells to adhere to.

Implants produced with titanium material and additive manufacturing can provide flexibility and easy stabilization as well as high biocompatibility, strength and friction coefficient. In this way, it is aimed to increase the lifespan of the implants in the human body and to significantly increase the quality of life of elderly patients or patients who have had implant surgery before.

The TraBTech team, which has been working for many years in this technology, which has triggered a great transformation with the innovations it has brought in the implant industry, has made an important progress by certifying the hip implant project, which is the first mass-produced product in Turkey as a “Class III” medical device with personalized implants, and a rare example in the world. The product is targeted to be on the market in 2023.

Tailored solutions for defense, aerospace and healthcare

TraBTech Chairman of the Board Kuntay Aktaş said that 3D printer technologies, called additive manufacturing, are a developing field and they use these technologies widely.

Expressing that he has studies on in-body implants and biomaterials in medicine, in addition to areas such as defense and aerospace in the industrial sense, Aktaş used the following statements:

“We develop technologies and products on the way to the end product in both of them. Our main advantage is to be able to design the complex structures brought by this technology. We are developing these products by aiming to produce high quality materials at much lower cost. We are about to launch some of the products we have developed and certified on the medical side as mass production. One of the most important advantages of this technology is that it enables us to produce some special materials in an accessible way. While doing this, it allows us to convert expensive materials such as titanium, which are normally used in aviation and medicine but are difficult to process, from just a powder to a product. This results in much more value-added products, It allows us to develop products in a new area, a changing area of ​​the world. Our aim is to be one of the important global players with our technological knowledge and experience in the changing world.”

“Things that were not possible in the past can be produced”

Expressing that TraBTech, which operates in the field of “deep technology”, has closed a new investment round, Aktaş said, “Thanks to this investment, we are taking an important step towards becoming a global player by increasing our company’s presence in Germany and the USA. Turning our technical competence into a global value as well. We are trying to reveal one of the fields in which Turkey and the company have a say in the world.” said.

Pointing out that the world is moving towards unmanned “dark factories” and a point where more personal products can be produced, Aktaş emphasized that thanks to this technology, things that were not possible in the past will become producible.

Explaining that as TraBTech, they have completed the regulation processes for some products in the medical field, this process continues for some, and they will apply for some, Aktaş said:

“We aim to launch our products, whose regulation processes have been completed, within 6 months. These are implants placed inside the bodies. New generation, more successful, more technological implants. We see that they are becoming widespread on the global side. We will try to drag them in that direction. New biomaterials and techniques that we started here are involved. We’ll be on a road.”

Aktaş added that they hope their entrepreneurial story will encourage others.

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