Turkey’s biggest technology festival TEKNOFEST continues to host its visitors on its last day at Etimesgut Airport.

Within the scope of the event, besides many technological products, there are projects developed by students from many different high schools and universities.

In June of this year, the AUVSI SUAS Competition was held in the USA with the participation of 72 teams, teams from different countries tried to get a degree with the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) they developed.

The ITUNOM Team, which participated in the competition and consisted of ITU students, came first with the drone they developed. The drone was presented to visitors for the first time at ITU’s stand at TEKNOFEST Ankara.

Mehmet Arif Şimşek, the mechanical team leader of the team and 3rd year student of the ITU Mechanical Engineering Department, made statements about the drone and the competition.

Şimşek stated that they decided that the most accurate UAV would be the drone since the purpose of the competition was related to cargo delivery, and said, “Based on this, we designed the most efficient and high performance drone.” said.

Stating that the product was exhibited for the first time at TEKNOFEST, Şimşek said:

“We raced the vehicle in America. Its purpose was to transport cargo. It can fly at a speed of approximately 20 m/s for 30 minutes with a payload of 5 kilograms. It can carry a total load of 52 kilograms. The design and manufacture of it is entirely our own. At the same time, the image processing software used on it is our own. our software.”

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