Mobile games are popular in recent years. Not only children and young people, but also adults began to be more interested in this sector. According to Gaming in Turkey’s Turkey Game Industry 2022 Report, 81 percent of adults play mobile games.

30-49 year olds play more games

While the number of mobile players in Turkey was 40 million in 2021, it exceeded 42 million in 2022.

51 percent of mobile gamers are men and 49 percent are women. According to the report, the age distribution of the players is as follows:

14-29 years old / 37 percent

30-49 years old / 44 percent

50-65 years old / 19 percent

[Grafik: TRT Haber]

Favorite game genres

The favorite genre of mobile players in Turkey was puzzle and word games, with 54 percent, as it was last year.

Card games ranked second with 52 percent. It was followed by action/adventure with 46 percent, sports/racing with 38 percent, and shooter games with 24 percent.

The reasons why people prefer to play games are listed as follows:

“It’s fun, it feels comfortable/reduces stress, it feels free, it’s a sense of progress and companionship.”

Graphic: TRT News[Grafik: TRT Haber]

Domestic games score higher

There are 192,25 game publishers on the app store Google Play. More than 2,943 of them are Turkish publishers.

At the same time, among the 531 thousand 946 games, there are more than 10 thousand 893 games offered by Turkish publishers. This number was 8,890 in 2021.

The games of local publishers in the store received appreciation above the world average. While the games of Turkish publishers received a score of 3.99 out of 5, the overall average score of all mobile games was 3.93.

Graphic: TRT News[Grafik: TRT Haber]

How much investment in the Turkish gaming industrym done?

The game industry is growing day by day. In fact, it is one of the sectors that received the most investment in recent years.

Turkey has managed to reach gamers all over the world with games that have topped international charts in recent years.

In 2022, Istanbul became the city with the most game deals in Europe after London. It was ranked 5th worldwide.

According to the data calculated on the basis of companies located in Turkey, the investments made in the Turkish gaming industry are as follows:

2018 – $1.8 million

2019 – $8.4 million

2020 – $14.4 million

2021 – $264.8 million

2022 – $424.7 million

Graphic: Hafiz Yurt Ates

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