İzmir Governor Süleyman Elban, together with AK Party Youth Branch Chairman and İzmir Deputy Eyyüp Kadir İnan, examined the preparation works at Çiğli Airport, where TEKNOFEST İzmir will be held, and received information from the authorities.

Governor Elban, in his statement to journalists, said that intense and feverish work continues for the giant organization and that they are excitedly waiting for September 27.

Stating that the preparations on the field have been largely completed, Elban said, “We invite both our youth, our citizens from Izmir and our people all over our country to experience the excitement of TEKNOFEST for 5 days between 27 September and 1 October.” said.

“There will probably be a participation exceeding a million”

Elban invited the citizens who will visit TEKNOFEST Izmir to use public transportation and said, “We would be pleased if those who use individual vehicles would pack their spouses, friends, and relatives into their vehicles. Because there will probably be a participation of more than a million people. Therefore, providing a more comfortable entrance in this participation, “We also attach importance to the preference of public transportation in order to create a more comfortable traffic order and for everyone to enter and exit the area easily.” he said.

Invitation to Elon Musk

When a journalist asked whether Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX and Tesla Motors companies, would also attend the festival, Elban reminded that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan invited Elon Musk to TEKNOFEST.

Elban said, “If Elon Musk attends as the guest of our President, having such a name in technology at the technology festival will add a special beauty and value to TEKNOFEST and Izmir.” he said.

İzmir Deputy İnan said that the people of Izmir and the youth were very excited about the festival.

“We will welcome TEKNOFEST with great interest”

Thanking those who contributed to the festival, İnan said, “As the young people of Izmir, we will welcome TEKNOFEST with great enthusiasm. We can already see that young people will show intense interest and interest. There is great excitement and expectation in our city. Izmir is the city of establishment and salvation. Our struggle for independence still continues. “We will see all the successes Turkey has achieved in the defense industry in this TEKNOFEST area. We will host our President at TEKNOFEST on September 29. I hope it will be beneficial. I invite the young people of Izmir to this enthusiastic environment.” he said.

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