Turkey’s largest technology festival, TEKNOFEST, welcomes technology and science enthusiasts at Etimesgut Airport.

At the festival, the stands of the Ministry of National Defense (MSB) also attract great attention.

The SOLOTÜRK Performance Team also meets with thousands of spectators with its many different maneuvers throughout the festival. SOLOTÜRK and Bayraktar Akıncı greet the visitors by flying together, breaking new ground in the sky.

SOLOTÜRK pilot Major Emre Mert said that they want to fly with the National Combat Aircraft KAAN, like every Turkish pilot and every Turkish youth, in future TEKNOFESTs.

Mert said, “At the moment, the aircraft with the highest level of performance in the inventory is the F-16. KAAN will be better than it, we look forward to it. We will complete the SOLOTÜRK task within a certain period of time and return to our fleets. We may not be able to catch up with KAAN, but perhaps the next ones will be KAAN pilots. We We will enjoy watching them.” he said.

Major Murat Bakıcı, one of the pilots of SOLOTÜRK, also emphasized that as a Turkish pilot, they are very proud of the domestic and national vehicles produced recently.

Stating that as Turkish Air Force pilots, they proudly fly the crescent and star flag in every mission, Bakıcı said, “The development of our national planes, UAVs and SİHAs makes us proud.” said.

SOLOTÜRK pilot Major Yasin Dikkule stated that they made unprecedented maneuvers in the world and were exposed to the unpredictable “G force”.

Stating that they were exposed to 9 G forces during the show, Dikkule said, “To cope with this, we need to have a strong body. We do our training accordingly. We complete our movements with sports, good nutrition and a good sleep.” used the phrase.

“Young people’s horizons are opened after watching the shows”

Press and Public Relations Officer First Lieutenant Alper Şen gave information about SOLOTÜRK’s performances at TEKNOFEST and noted that the spirit in the field is very different.

Şen said, “We are also very happy when we are talking about it here. The feedback we receive is much stronger than the effect we have. spoke his words.

SOLOTÜRK Press and Public Relations Petty Officer Senior Sergeant Muhammed Bölükbaşı stated that the show pilots are trying to convey their unprecedented maneuvers to the visitors in the most effective way.

Stating that they can meet more young people at TEKNOFEST in this way, Bölükbaşı said, “Young people’s horizons are opened after watching the shows. Many young people have the chance to examine the F-16 here for the first time in their lives. We think we are an example to the younger generation.” he said.

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