In the statement made by KBU, it was stated that the students of the university visited the stands at TEKNOFEST, which was held with the vision of “National Technology Move”.

In the statement, it was stated that students participated in technology competitions, air shows, concerts, conversations and events, and KBU Vice Rector Prof. Dr. It was noted that İsmail Rakıp Karaş visited the stands with the students and gave information about the projects carried out.

The statement included the following statements:

“At TEKNOFEST, which will last until September 3, the teams inform the visitors of the festival by explaining their projects and make presentations about their work. In the TEKNOFEST Enterprise Competition, in the Karabuk University Communication and Communication Technologies category, Mehmet Emin Çil, Osman Yusuf Ersöz, Mehmet Kutluhan Foreword, Mert Ercan Kahriman is in the final with the PhotonX team consisting of Eray Gülnar and the Owline team consisting of Celalettin Aydemir, Ayşe Hümeyra Cengiz, Ümran Aygür and Eyüp Kaya in the Disaster Management Technologies category.”

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