The excitement of TEKNOFEST 2023 continues on its 4th day. Within the framework of TEKNOFEST, Unmanned Combat Aircraft Bayraktar KIZILELMA and SOLOTURK performed arm flights.

Baykar Chairman of the Board of Directors Selçuk Bayraktar and his wife Sümeyye Erdoğan Bayraktar watched the historic flights of manned and unmanned warplanes. Selçuk and Sümeyye Bayraktar greeted the passing of KIZILELMA and SOLOTÜRK.

Baykar Chairman of the Board Selçuk Bayraktar said, “2 warplanes, one manned and one unmanned, fly together. A similar flight has taken place in the world, but it is the first time in front of the public. Two unmanned aerial vehicles, one fighter plane and the other attack, are the first in this world with Kızılelma and Akıncı. That’s why it’s historic, it’s happening in front of the public.More than 1 million young people applied to the champions of technology.

Here, they admire the works developed, imagined, designed and produced by our nation and institutions. Over the years, I have also seen that, in the 6th year, the feeling that there is nothing we cannot achieve in high technology, space and aviation has settled in our entire society. I mean, let a child come and touch a plane, maybe he will work in our country’s space program in the future. This is starting to happen,” he said.

Sümeyye Erdoğan Bayraktar, on the other hand, said, “We are proud, we get very excited every time. We also see new demonstrations every year, it is really pleasing to see different forces of our defense industry together.”

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