The final stage has been reached to start the mass production of “METE”, whose test shots continue.

Able to work in harsh conditions, Gök Alp was designed to be unaffected by war conditions with its 13-kilogram payload, 35-minute mission time and advanced technologies.

“METE”, which can be launched using new generation 40 millimeter grenade launchers, draws attention with its effectiveness beyond the maximum range of the current conventional grenade launcher ammunition. Thanks to its lightness and small size, the missile, which can be integrated into the turrets of mini unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), unmanned land vehicles (UAV) and unmanned sea vehicles (IDA) and land vehicles, can be fired by a single personnel with a grenade launcher.

Alper Özbilen, Chairman of the Board of PAVO Group, whose views were given in the statement, stated that “METE” was successfully integrated into the Gök Alp drone system in accordance with the UAV concept and made the following assessment:

“With our Gök Alp drone, which we designed and produced as PAVO Group, our Roketsan’s ‘METE’ met in the skies. Gök Alp, the first platform where ‘METE’ is used, stands out with both its useful load capacity and its ability to remain unaffected by firing. We will play an active role in the foreign market with the Gök Alp drone system, which eliminates the shaking and loss of altitude problems experienced when using such ammunition.”

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